Exploring Christianity

It is estimated that more than two billion people around the world describe themselves as Christians. Christians are followers of Jesus Christ who would say that discovering him, his teaching and his love for them has transformed their lives.

Exploring the Bible

Find out more about the Bible - the most important book in Christianity. Christians believe it is inspired by God and very relevant for life today but must be interpreted carefully to be understood properly.

Exploring pilgrimage

Many of us are familiar with pilgrimage as meaning a special journey to a special place with a special meaning. It is a concept shared by most faiths, but it’s not just linked to religion.

Exploring churches and cathedrals

Stepping into a cathedral or old church can feel like entering another world: people often experience a sense of ‘otherness’; of escape from the busyness of modern life.

Exploring faith with others

Discovering Christianity and living as a Christian is not meant to be an entirely solo experience. No-one is born knowing all about the Christian faith. Everyone is a learner and we all start from different places.

Exploring prayer

Prayer is communicating with God. Christians believe that God made human beings to have a relationship with him so talking with God is perfectly natural.