Some ways of praying

There is no ‘right way’ to pray, and we are all different.

Prayer is opening up to God in whatever way works best for us. God loves us and comes to meet us as we are, not as we think we ought to be.

Here are a few suggestions of how prayer can happen.

Talk to God anywhere, any time

Tell God how you are feeling and what’s on your mind.
You can do this anywhere and at any time.
Be completely honest with God
who cares for you and is waiting to welcome you.
You don’t have to use special words.
If you’re not sure where to start,
just ‘Help!’ or ‘Thanks!’ or ‘Sorry’ is fine.

Being thankful

Think of someone special to you
and thank God for them.
Or look around you
and notice all the things that are good.
Focus on one of these,
like a favourite plant or useful gadget,
a bowl of fruit or a warm scarf –
anything that you value –
and thank God for it.

Pray for others

Prayer can be with or without words.
Sit quietly for a while.
Listen to your breath and the sounds around you.
When you are ready, hold in your heart and mind
the person or issue you want to pray for.
Place them into God’s care.

When life is tough

Tell God what is troubling you.
With each in-breath
picture God’s light and love
flowing into your situation.
Allow this to calm and strengthen you.
After a while
use each out-breath
to let go of any anxiety, bitterness, or resentment
you may feel.
Remember you are not alone.

Hold an object

Hold in your hand something important to you,
something which connects you with someone or gives you joy.
Look at it carefully,
study the details.
See what comes into your mind.
Talk to God about that.

Pray with the news

Take one news item that catches your attention.
Share your feelings about it with God.
Ask God to help those involved,
and to show you if there is anything you can do to make a difference.

Praying outdoors

Go outside
preferably somewhere with plants or trees.
Look at the sky, the leaves, the flowers,
be aware of the earth beneath you
and the breeze on your face.
Praise God who made the world.